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                              No Pre-Registration or Partner Necessary.  Classes are from 12:00 - 5:00
                                        Kibitzers Welcome!  Watch games and grab a cup of coffee
Beginning Bridge Part I
Sunday June 3 at 12:00   ($30.00)
     Taking tricks
     Opening 1NT and responses
     Opening a 5 card major and responses
     Opening a minor and Responses
Beginning Bridge Part II
Sunday June 10 at 12:00   ($30.00)
     Bidding in competition
     Take out doubles
Intermediate Bridge Part I
Sunday June 24 at 12:00   ($30.00)
     Bidding over NT
     Stayman and Jacoby transfers
     Bidding with strong hands
     Opening 2 clubs and responses
Intermediate Bridge Part II
Sunday July 1 at 12:00   ($30.00)
     Preempts and weak two bids
     Negative doubles
     Cue Bids
New to Bridge?  Practice your new skills:
  New Comers Game Mondays starting at 10:20 (mini-lesson for 30 min) $7.00
        11:00 - 2:15  Game (Masterpoints awarded)
        Snacks provided but bring a sandwich if you like
        Come with or without a partner
  Chat Bridge Saturdays at 10:00  $6.00 (All levels of playing ability)
        10:00 - 10:30  Mini-lesson
        10:30 - 12:30  Play and ask questions
        Come with or without a partner